1. Before proceeding, make sure you have read the User Manual for the UltraProjector Model 100
    (Available on our Downloads page)

  2. *Mac users click here for important information

  3. Most common issues and resolutions:

  4. The UltraProjector won't connect to my PC via USB:

    1. 1. Make sure the mini USB connector is in ALL THE WAY INTO the UltraProjector port.  You should feel a distinct "click" when it is connected properly.  Sometimes the sliding door that covers the USB and audio port may interfere with the connection - make sure it is slid ALL THE WAY UP.

    2. 2. Make sure the UltraProjector is NOT connected to AC Power.  In order for the USB connection to work properly, ONLY the USB connection should be in use.

    The UltraProjector starts up but gets stuck and won't play my video files:

    1. 1. Make sure there is NO USB connection to a PC during playback.  Only the AC Power adapter and audio output (optional) should be plugged in during playback.

    2. 2. Make sure the UltraProjector's flash memory ONLY contains valid video files that have been converted using the Video Conversion software (Available on our Downloads page).  Note that any videos preloaded by us have already been converted.  Any other files may cause the playback to hang.

    The UltraProjector will not even power up:

    1. 1. Make sure you have connected the approved AC adaptor to an AC outlet providing 100-120VAC~60Hz

    I can't hear any audio:

    1. 1. Most/All of the videos that are pre-loaded with the UltraProjector DO NOT contain an audio track.

    2. 2. If your video contains an audio track, make sure you have connected EXTERNAL AMPLIFIED speakers to the Ultraprojector via the audio connector located just below the USB connector (Under the sliding cover).

    I'm having difficulties converting my videos:

    1. 1. Make sure you have installed the latest version of our video conversion software (Available on our Downloads page).

    2. 2. Your source videos must be of the supported file types for conversion: (*.AVI, *.MPG, *.WMV, etc.)

    3. 3. Some videos cause the conversion software to hang during conversion (usually between 90% and
      100%).  If this occurs, simply cancel the conversion and start it again.  In some cases, several attempts are needed to get to 100%.  We are unsure why this occurs  and are working with the vendor for a solution.

    4. 4. If you still cannot convert your videos, contact us and we'll help.

  1. More Help Coming Soon...

Important information for Mac Users:

*Note that UltraProjector, Inc. does not support Mac computers and will not be liable for any damages resulting from use of the information below.  This information was provided by one of our customers and is included here for reference only. Proceed at your own risk.

A common problem that occurs when using a Mac is that hidden files are deposited into the UltraProjector's flash memory that will cause it to hang. When you connect to a Mac, Spotlight takes over and creates a few hidden “dot” files on the USB file system.

Here’s a command you can use to remove those files. First, open up Terminal and then change directories over to the USB UltraProjector device:

youruser@localhost:~$ cd /Volumes/NO\ NAME/

If you list the directory, using the “-a” option, it will show “all” files, including invisible files (files that start with a dot as their first character):

youruser@localhost:NO NAME$ ls -a

..TrashesStorybook and Audio.avi

There you can see the problem files -- .Trashes, .Spotlight-V100, etc. Use the “rm” command with a few options to get rid of them. -R for recursive (so it goes in to each directory), -d to tell it to remove directories, and -f to force the removal without prompting you each entry for verification:

youruser@localhost:NO NAME$ rm -R -d -f .*
rm: "." and ".." may not be removed

It’s okay that it cannot remove “.” and “..” -- those are not real files, but references. “.” is the current directory (so an “ls .” shows where you are) and “..” is one directory up (“ls ..” would be “/Volumes”, in this example):

youruser@localhost:NO NAME$ ls -a
...Storybook and Audio.avi

You can see the dot files have been removed.

Warranty / Returns

We provide a 90 Day Warranty (covers both Parts & Labor) starting from the day you receive our product.

We do NOT accept returns.  If you're unsure the UltraProjector will work for you, please contact us and ask.



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