Thank you so much for your generous contribution to our first ever haunted house! We are truly grateful for all your help! Words cannot express how much we appreciate your dedication and time spent on making it a success. We would not be able to continue helping families without the support of vendors like you!
Thank you for working with us to help make a difference for the Oregon School for the Deaf!

All the best,

The EMHE Design Team


First off I need to tell you how much we love our three ultra projectors. They have added so much to our event this year. The EMHE team was wise to bring you on board. So many people have asked us about the projectors. ( I am adding you to several web sites I manage.)

...More over, thank you and God Bess you for you donation to our haunt.

The Nightmare Factory


Hello, just a quick update on the use of the ultra projector...

At first we were going to keep the ultraprojector in the one upstairs single window, but then we decided to see how it would look projecting out the open garage door. *We really didn't think it would work that great, and thought the projection wouldn't be very bright or very big. BOY WERE WE WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!!

We hung a white/king size sheet from the garage door opening. Its the perfect size. Then we put the projector on a home made stand, all the way back flush to the wall opposite the garage door to get the biggest projection possible...The projection got about 5-1/2ft wide, and pretty much was from floor to ceiling. The projection itself was nice and bright, so absolutely NO worries about not enough lumens at all!!!....

My husb also decided to use his Dewalt black & decker radio to proj the sound... The sound was nice and loud. You could hear it all the way from the street. You couldn't adjust the volume to ear shattering volume, but it was pretty loud to hear from inside a car in the middle of the street, or walking by on the sidewalk.

The projection worked perfectly, was nice and big, and there are enough lumens for it to be seen clearly and brightly. We also had other spotlights/florescent lights on nearby props, which did not interfere w/the brightness of the projected images either. All the kids in the neighborhood thought it was great. So it was a huge hit...

I just thought I would let you know that your little Ultraprojector did a marvelous job. I had read where some decided that the lumens were not bright enough to do a nice job or a big projection. I just thought I would let you know it did a great job, and the projections were nice & bright and all the kids loved it.

Cant wait to use it for Xmas. I also wish there were videos for Thanksgiving & Easter too, I would use it then too.

Thank you, it was a smashing success!



My UltraProjector was a great success at Halloween and I would like to purchase another. Can you please advise if the additional shipping will still be $12 US ($24 US total) to Canada, and if I should proceed to submit the additional payment as instructed previously...

Thanks again,




I'm quite pleased by the performance of the projector. The room does need to be dark, but your unit is quite perfect for a lot of small scale applications. I was able to project my spider on the ceiling, and it looked great, the floor also and it looked great...

Some things I like about this projector are pretty significant benefits.

1. Very light in weight and small in size, allowing you to easily and quickly mount it with the most minimum of hardware [some of my projectors weigh 20 lbs!]
2. Self contained operation, only the power wire, no DVD needed.
3. Plug it in and it starts working, AWESOME!!!!!
4. Cool running, no fire hazard, and easy to move around and adjust.
5. Mounts on any camera tripod I believe, and everyone has one of those...

GOOD JOB!!!! I like it!



Thank you for your help, it’s refreshing for a business to actual handle their customers directly. I was able to get rid of those files and the projector is working again!

Have a great Halloween!



I just wanted to provide some feedback regarding my Ultra Projector. I am not an expert but hope this feedback might be helpful.

1. Received it as promised and it works great.
2. The projected image is actually better than what I was expecting in higher light situations.
3. The tripod is OK. At least is was flexible which was helpful in getting the image where I needed it to be. I assume that the mounting bracket is a standard tripod size and other tripods will work. I would NOT improve this if it would increase the price - maybe offer a higher end tripod for those who might want it.
4. I downloaded and used the conversion software to convert 6 short clips from MP4 format. All converted to the AVI format without any issues. I was actually a bit surprised that this worked. :)
5. The conversion software, automatic recognition of the camera (plug n play) all worked without any issues on a Windows 7 Professional version windows laptop.
6. I would suggest offering more content which I believe you are going to do. The guys at BigScreamTV and HalloWindow.com have some great content.
7. I guess the most important test was the responses from the trick or treaters...The response(s) were an overwhelming success...actually had cars stop to check it out while I was doing testing a day or 2 before Halloween and the night of Halloween was fantastic.




It worked thank you for your co-operation, it shows very nicely with the ultraprojector.

Thanks again,



I finally got around to testing the projector I bought at night. It will work perfect for the projected bust effect in our display and replace a noisy and warm bulb projector with a digital video player.



Hello, and thank you, thank you thank you for all your help!!!! If it wasn't for all your kind help, I would still be trying to convert all those files or would have thrown my computer out the window out of frustration. I cant wait to add a speaker or 2 to the projector, so I can finally hear sound w/them as well. If you want me to sing your praises on your web site or any other site just let me know no problems. I will def sing your praises on Hallowindow's Facebook page. There were some people asking about the projector. There was also one other person who said they played the Halloween vids using your Ultraprojector. Thank you again for making my Halloween great again this yr. Thank you a million times you are the KING!!! :)



Just wanted to say,I love the new projector.It's perfect for my yard haunt.I'll be buying 2 more pretty soon.
One note:Instructions indicating the focus capabilty might be helpful.Took me a few minutes to figure it out.



I love you! Thanks! I've been saving for this projector for a couple of months...so excited to use the UltraProjector for my Halloween decor!



I think i have the problem fixed i had the projector plugged into the power when i connected the usb when i disconnected it and replugged in the usb it recognized the drive. I will let you know if i have any other problem thanks for the quick reply





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